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This webinar will help you grasp the EVPN fundamentals, potential use cases, and its benefits and drawbacks. The deep dive part of the webinar discussed technical details that will enable you to deploy and troubleshoot EVPN in multi-vendor environments.

EVPN Fundamentals

What Is EVPN 18:37 2018-03-07
EVPN Features Overview 14:57 2018-03-07
Advanced EVPN Features 12:52 2018-03-07
EVPN 101 1.6M 2018-02-27

EVPN in the Data Centers

Use Cases for EVPN in Data Centers 14:33 2018-03-07
BGP Deployment Models 20:44 2018-03-07
EVPN and Bridging 11:51 2018-03-07
Dual-Attached Endpoints 17:50 2018-03-07
EVPN in the Data Center 2.6M 2018-03-06