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This webinar describes what network automation is, why should we use it, and what tools are available if you want to get started.


What is Network Automation 18:08 2017-02-06
Network Automation Roadblocks 7:12 2017-02-06

Hierarchy of Network Automation

Operated Network 12:58 2017-02-06
Abstraction of Network State 12:03 2017-02-06
Automated Provisioning 32:13 2017-02-06
Automated Remediation 11:35 2017-02-06

Caveats and Questions

Caveats and Questions 14:14 2017-02-06

Slide Deck

Network Automation 101 13M 2016-07-24

Public Presentations

Network Automation 101 (SINOG 3 Keynote) 12M 2016-07-01

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