Yearly subscription contents - overview

The subscription includes:

  • 62 webinars (total duration: 184 h);
  • 1239 downloadable MP4 videos (samples);
  • 388 downloadable PDF files (slide decks and other documents);
  • 3 digital books;
  • 13 ExpertExpress case studies;
  • 7 downloadable WebEx recordings.

Webinars included in the subscription


Cloud Computing and Networking

Designing a Private Cloud Infrastructure 3:04 h
Networking in Private and Public Clouds 4:43 h
Overlay Virtual Networking 3:22 h
Scaling Overlay Virtual Networks 1:53 h

Containers and Docker

Docker Networking Fundamentals 1:38 h
Docker Security 1:33 h
Introduction to Docker 1:40 h

Data Center Infrastructure

Data Center 3.0 for Networking Engineers 6:57 h
Data Center Fabric Architectures 16:38 h
Data Center Interconnects 0:33 h
Designing Active-Active and Disaster Recovery Data Centers 3:01 h
EVPN Technical Deep Dive 4:25 h
Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Architectures 10:52 h
Networks, Buffers, and Drops 1:11 h
Open Networking for Large-Scale Networks 2:22 h
TCP, HTTP and SPDY 1:15 h


Network Visibility with Flow Data 5:31 h
QoS Fundamentals 2:00 h
Segment Routing Introduction 0:58 h
Sizing the Network 1:04 h

IP version 6

Building Large IPv6 Networks 3:13 h
Enterprise IPv6 - the First Steps 1:33 h
IPv6 High Availability Strategies 1:25 h
IPv6 Microsegmentation 0:58 h
IPv6 Security 1:53 h
IPv6 Transition Mechanisms 1:58 h
IPv6-Only Data Centers 1:18 h
Service Provider IPv6 Introduction 1:34 h

Network Automation

Ansible for Networking Engineers 12:52 h
NETCONF and Yang 4:25 h
Network Automation 101 1:48 h
Network Automation Tools 1:49 h
Network Automation Use Cases 5:28 h
Network Programmability 101 0:49 h
PowerShell for Networking Engineers 2:52 h

Network Security

DevOps and Security for Enterprise Environments 2:00 h
Ending the Tyranny of Expensive Security Tools 1:16 h
Ethernet Encryption 0:52 h
PCI DSS for Engineers 1:28 h
Transport and Network Security Primer 0:57 h

Network Virtualization

Introduction to Virtualized Networking 2:01 h
Virtual Firewalls 2:38 h
vSphere 6 Networking Deep Dive 4:46 h
VXLAN Technical Deep Dive 3:46 h

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

BGP-Based SDN Solutions 1:33 h
Introduction to Software Defined Networking (SDN) 3:08 h
Monitoring Software Defined Networks 1:25 h
Network Function Virtualization 2:04 h
OpenFlow Deep Dive 5:07 h
PCEP and BGP-LS Deep Dive 1:37 h
SDN Architectures and Deployment Considerations 1:57 h
SDN Use Cases 4:34 h
Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Overview upcoming

Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC)

Introduction to Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC) upcoming
VMware NSX Architecture Overview 2:25 h
VMware NSX Technical Deep Dive 4:00 h
VMware NSX, Cisco ACI or Standard-Based EVPN 5:09 h

Virtual Private Networks

Choose the optimal VPN service 4:04 h
DMVPN Designs 1:37 h
DMVPN New Features 1:55 h
DMVPN Technology and Configuration 2:15 h
Enterprise MPLS VPN Deployment 3:07 h
Total duration of all online courses 184 h

ExpertExpress case studies included in the subscription

  • BGP Convergence Optimization
  • BGP Routing in DMVPN Access Network
  • Combine Physical and Virtual Appliances
  • Combining DMVPN and MPLS VPN
  • Designing a Private Cloud Network Infrastructure
  • External Routing with Layer-2 DCI
  • From Disaster Recovery Sites to Active-Active Data Centers
  • High-Speed Multi-Tenant Isolation
  • Redundant Data Center Internet Connectivity
  • Redundant Server-to-Network Connectivity
  • Replacing the Central Firewall
  • Scale-Out Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Simplify Workload Migrations with Virtual Appliances