IPv6 High Availability Strategies

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This webinar describes IPv6 high-availability mechanisms and design guidelines, including first-hop technologies, client and server multihoming (including LISP and MIPv6) and dual-stack considerations.


Introduction 8:22 2014-05-08
High Availability Components 8:56 2014-05-08

First-Hop High Availability

First-Hop Configuration Mechanisms 16:09 2014-05-08
First-Hop High Availability 11:44 2014-05-08

Network-Level High Availability

Service Endpoint High Availability 14:02 2014-05-08
Redundant Network Connectivity 18:07 2014-05-08

End-to-End High Availability

End-to-End High Availability 7:28 2014-05-08
Conclusions 1:25 2014-05-08


IPv6 High Availability Strategies 2.4M 2014-03-26
IPv6 High Availability Strategies - IPv6 Summit 1.6M 2014-06-24

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