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This webinar covers all you need to know about designing and configuring large-scale IPv6 core or access networks. It covers dual-stack deployment, 6PE and 6VPE options and all major routing protocols (BGP, OSPFv2/v3, IS-IS). Access network section describes SLAAC, DHCPv6 and RADIUS issues you’ll likely encounter when deploying IPv6.

Design Principles

Design principles 8:24 2012-01-10

[top] IPv6 Access Networks

Design Principles Review 8:29 2012-08-07
Business customers - static routes 9:50 2012-08-07
Business customers - BGP 9:15 2012-08-07
IPv6 Host Configuration Review 16:17 2012-08-07
Multi-Access Residential Networks 19:32 2012-08-17
IPv6-over-Ethernet 25:35 2012-08-17
IPv6-over-PPP 17:10 2012-08-27
6rd 18:17 2012-08-27
Conclusions and Questions 8:16 2012-08-27

[top] IPv6 Core Networks

Native IPv6 Core 26:50 2012-01-10
6PE (IPv6 over MPLS) 10:06 2012-01-10
6VPE (IPv6 MPLS VPN) 12:34 2012-01-10
Conclusions 2:50 2012-01-10

[top] Slide Decks

Building IPv6 Service Provider Core 2.3M 2011-03-06
Large IPv6 Access Networks 3.9M 2012-01-23

[top] Lab Guides

Building IPv6 Service Provider Core Lab Overview 238K 2012-01-23
IPv6Core Configs.tar 204K 2012-01-23
Building IPv6 Service Provider Access Networks Lab Overview 309K 2012-01-23
IPv6Access Configs.tar 260K 2012-01-23

[top] Supplementary Documents

IPv6 SP Core FAQ 134K 2010-10-14
IPv6 in access networks 430K 2010-10-25
Readme 156K 2012-08-27

Watch the videos

You can watch the following sample videos made from recordings of this webinar: