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The Software Gone Wild podcast is focused on software-driven architectures, solutions and technologies that real networking engineers use in production networks.

You can watch the following videos and/or podcasts:

Materials included in this webinar

Show 1-Snabb Switch 101

Show 10-Schprokits with Jeremy Schulman

Show 11-Network Automation Tools wih Jason Edelman

Show 13-Cumulus Linux

Show 14-FlipIT Cloud

Show 15-Viptela Secure Extensible Network

Show 16-Transactional Thoughts on a Stormy Night

Show 17-L2VPN over IPv6 with Snabb Switch

Show 18-Palo Alto Virtual Firewalls

Show 19-SDN Router at Spotify

Show 2-Network Programmability with David Gee

Show 20-VMware NSX Troubleshooting

Show 22-Hands-On Tail-F NCS

Show 23-Hands-On Tail-F NCS - Part 2

Show 24-Scale-Out Network Services with Avi Networks

Show 25-TCP Optimization with Juho Snellman

Show 26-Networking Field Day 9 Wrapup

Show 27-VMware NSX Microsegmentation

Show 28-Ntopng with Luca Deri

Show 29-NSONE - Data-Driven DNS

Show 3-The F-Script with John Herbert

Show 30-PF-RING with Luca Deri

Show 31-HP SDN in Campus Networks

Show 32-Cloud-Based Labs with Ravello Systems

Show 33-Segment Routing 101

Show 34-Network Monitoring in SDN Era

Show 35-NAPALM

Show 36-Open-Source Network Engineer Toolbox

Show 37-Hardware Forwarding Pipelines in HP OpenFlow Switches

Show 38-Redistribute ARP in Cumulus Linux

Show 39-nProbe with ELK Stack

Show 4-Ansible @ Spotify with David Barosso

Show 40-Dynamic Link State Protocol with Adara

Show 41-Software-Defined IXP with Laurent Vanbever

Show 42-SDN Internet Router - Update

Show 43-NorthStar MPLS-TE Controller

Show 44-Test-Driven Network Development

Show 45-Fibbing - SDN done with OSPF

Show 46-CPLANE Networks

Show 47-Open Daylight in Production

Show 48-Open Switch

Show 49-Docker Networking

Show 5-pmacct with Paolo Lucente

Show 50-VMware NSX 6.2

Show 51-Network Troubleshooting with PacketDesign

Show 52-Igalia - Software Switching at Ludicrous Speeds

Show 53-Palo Alto Integration with Cisco ACI and OpenStack

Show 54-SPB and Avaya Fabric

Show 55-Model-Driven Networking

Show 56-Open-Source Monitoring Tools

Show 57-Docker Networking Deep Dive

Show 58-Big Chain

Show 59-Building Your Own Service Provider Gear

Show 6-Toolsmith @ Netflix

Show 60-Software-Defined Navel Gazing

Show 61-VMware NSX on OpenStack

Show 62-Whitebox Switching at LinkedIn

Show 63-ToDD

Show 64-Cilium with Thomas Graf

Show 65-NAPALM Update

Show 66-Becoming a Programmer

Show 67-stackstorm

Show 68-lwAFTR Snabb Data Plane with vMX Control Plane

Show 69-VXLAN Telemetry

Show 7-Snabb Switch Deep Dive

Show 70-To Drop or Not to Drop

Show 71-NetDev Update

Show 72-OpenConfig

Show 73-CloudScale ASICs

Show 74-TCP-BBR

Show 75-NETCONF in Campus

Show 76-Programmable ASICs

Show 77-Salt and SaltStack

Show 78-Network Testing

Show 79-OpenConfig in NAPALM

Show 8-Hybrid Cloud Reference Architecture

Show 80-Packet Fabric

Show 81-Networking Trends with Gartner - Part 1

Show 82-Self-Driving Networks

Show 83-Networking Trends with Gartner - Part 2

Show 84-Ethernet History

Show 85-How NETCONF Started

Show 86-Packet Forwarding on Linux

Show 87-Linux Network Interfaces

Show 88-RIFT

Show 89-OpenFabric

Show 9-Cloudstack Networking

Show 90-Brigade

Show 91-Snabb Update

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